Products available include:

Consulting on Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of significant events:

  • Organizing and Team preparation to perform a RCA.
  • Leading RCA Teams
  • Remote mentoring of RCA Teams
  • Performing Independent Review of RCA reports

Training on Root Cause Analysis- Topics included are:

  • Event Theory- why people make mistakes
  • Getting started- things to do when an event happens
  • Extent of Condition- How broad is an issue
  • Interviewing- basics of conducting an event-based interview
  • Events & Causal Factors Charts- a process to collect data
  • Barrier Analysis- hazard, barrier, target investigative process
  • Change Analysis- why previous successes were not repeated
  • Task Analysis- a look at how work is performed
  • Fault Tree Analysis- identifying how an event happened
  • Extent of Cause- How broad is the cause of an issue
  • Corrective Actions- identifying effective actions
  • Human behavior- a look at how unwanted/unexpected actions are taken

Management training in RCA- what management needs to know to ensure an effective analysis is performed