Company Profile:

Backpacker Jack is a consultant with over 40 years of experience in understanding how events happen and the factors that influence human behavior.  This experience includes investigations in pharmaceutical, oil & gas pipelines, nuclear and fossil power plants, government facilities, and other High Reliability organizations.  Training in the performance of a Root Cause investigation is available.  Mentoring services for active investigations and mentoring for management can be provided.

Mission Statement:

Backpacker Jack strives to be the best in Root Cause analysis of significant events to provide an understanding for what actions can be taken to reduce the risk of recurrence to acceptable levels.  We act to understand events that have had a significant impact on the safety of individuals or finances of an organization through a rigorous analysis to identify actions that are effective in addressing the causes of the event. We believe that weaknesses in an organization and potential event initiators can be identified using the same tools and techniques for a Root Cause investigation to improve processes and to reduce the potential for an unwanted event.  Our Root Cause Analysis training provides a powerful toolbox for an organization to perform their own analysis of events.