We offer Root Cause training in remote locations that allow us to enjoy daily hikes in wilderness areas and nights in comfortable surroundings.

We offer significant success analysis. Root cause analysis of unusual successes or unexpected positive outcomes to understand why processes or projects went exceptionally well.

We can provide backpacking guided tours of wilderness areas of various degrees of difficulty upon special request.

  • Consulting on Problem Identification and Resolution Programs.
  • Response to United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspection Procedures 95001, 95002 and 95003 inspections.
  • Significant event response team mentoring.
  • Safety culture reviews.
  • Human behavior improvement.
  • Fatigue rule analysis and support.
  • Personal injury or fatality investigations.
  • Property loss investigations- expert witness for accident progression.
  • Mentoring for success- identifying and encouraging the positive behaviors in your business.